Terms and Conditions


The user is solely responsible to provide valid and accurate information
needed to complete GamesDollars.com orders.
The user is solely responsible for all payments, even if the instructions
provided by user are incorrect.
Users must be aware that the electronic transfer of the product into
the wrong account due to a wrong account number given by the user
are not reversible.
We have no powers to retrieve the product placed in another users
account. You simply must give us the correct account number to
prevent this from happening.


We constantly review our system and data to ensure the best service
GamesDollars.com will investigate any breach of security with a view
to prosecuting and/or taking civil proceedings to recover damages
against those responsible.

Content changes

GamesDollars.com may make changes to the contents of this website
including the descriptions and prices of goods and services advertised
at any time and without notice.